"Matthew "DJ Fokus" Maldonado was the DJ at my wedding three years ago, and he truly made it a good time. The music was exactly what I wanted to hear that fit me and my guests music style. Everyone was dancing and he really helped make it a memorable event.
- Tatiana F.


"Very enjoyable! He's got a great variety of music to listen to for all types of preferences. Lots of songs played for long amounts of time and there was no repeats of songs. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone for a great experience."

– Keila D. 


"The best DJ EVER......I will hire him for every event I have!"

– Jennifer O. 


Music is my passion and a way of life.  That's how my life began, my mother continuously played music in our household for everything! As a young boy my appreciation for how music can make you feel was overlooked and was unimportant. As a teenager I was given the opportunity to take over for a professional DJ at my older sisters sweet 16 and it changed my world. What was once was an annoyance from my family was now going to become my life and what I was meant to do. I mowed lawns, painted houses and even cleaned houses to get the money to begin my DJ career. Now I couldn't do this with just a mixer and CDs I wanted more. I wanted to bring back the feel of turntables and scratching to music. I wanted to make everyone get up to my music and make everyone dance so I had to be more than the average "play a CD." I mixed tracks with different songs and became the youngest DJ on Sirius Satellite Radio to DJ a live show at the tender age of 16 by the help of my father Matthew Maldonado & Uncle Jason Rivera. This only fueled my desire to bring the heat to my music and the people to their feet. This is what I would provide to your event. A dedicated one of a kind DJ with the flare and passion to play any music you choose for your special day because Your Event is My Only Fokus! 

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